Job Wong

Youth Director

I was born in a little town called Sibu, in East Malaysia.  Some interesting things about me are:

  • Having lived on 5 different continents, I have a love for culture and people. I love to try new things and experience new foods, even if I end up not liking the things I try! I also love to see God's wonderful creation in not only the climates and landscapes, but also the cultures from all around the world; from the harsh Saharan desert to the freezing winters of France and upstate NY.

  • I am an huge introvert! Yes, while many do not believe me after meeting me in person, I am actually a big introvert. I often will disappear to the bathroom just to take a break from people. However, God has given me a passion to minister to young people, and in giving me that passion, He has also given me the energy to interact with them!  Without God, I would be a useless mess hiding in the corner!  If God can change me that much, imagine what God can do with you?

  • Most people think that I'm a little weird. It might have something to do with the fact that I am a Pastor's Kid, a Missionary Kid, and a Third Culture Kid. And while it took me quite a while of struggling to understand and accept who I was, I am now completely fine with that! I love getting to know people, seeing what is weird about them and who they really are when we remove the masks we hide behind, because honestly, aren't we all just a little weird? God loves us all and He made us all the way we are. I want all youths to know that they are precious in God's eyes and to find acceptance for who and how God made them.

Justin Ho

Youth Counselor

I am an undergraduate student at Georgia State University. Currently I am studying Psychology and hope to one day become a Licensed Professional Counselor. I have been a serving the youth ministry since 2015 and I've enjoyed working with the youths week after week. Being a product of this very youth group, I am passionate about bringing up these youths into becoming strong, future leaders of the church. Some fun facts about me: I love music. I don't specifically have a favorite genre so i'll listen to whatever sounds good. Another thing about me is that I am 6'1, but I'm also scared of heights.

Eric Hsieh

Youth Counselor

I was born in Taiwan, and I moved to the States when I was 10 years old. I graduated from Georgia Tech in 2011 and I'm currently working as a chemical engineer. I have been helping out with youth group since 2009. I grew up in the youth group back at my home church, and the reason I am a believer today is because of the seeds that were planted back then. I became a youth counselor because of how important youth group was to me in my walk with Christ, and it has been one of the biggest blessing to see the growth of the kids through the years.

Grace Siu

Youth Counselor

I was born in Hong Kong but raised in America. I work at Accent Decor as a purchasing assistant and tutor Japanese kids. When I'm not running around I like to paint, take photos, and go shopping. One day I hope to sell my painting and become the next Monet. However, at this moment I'm content with painting and binge watching dramas. 


I just recently started being a counselor at youth group. At first I was hesitant about becoming a youth counselor, because I wasn't sure if I could be a positive impact on the youth. However, I wanted to help serve and I felt a calling from God to serve the youth. I felt that youth group was a vital part in strengthen my walk with God. I had a lot of great counselors growing up and their guidance and knowledge has helped shape who I am.


I am glad to be a part of the youth group family. In my short time helping out, I feel that I have learned a lot from the kids and fellow counselors. I hope to be a positive impact and provide guidance to the kids. 

Clarisse Tsang

Youth Counselor


I am thankful that God provided me my dream job at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and brought me to Atlanta. I’ve always been young at heart and have a heart for serving the youth (served at the youth group in Phoenix before I started serving with the EACF/ACCC youth in 2017). I feel like God has used me to be a good role model to the youth by shaping me through the life experiences I’ve had while growing up. I’ve also been immeasurably blessed to be able to interact and learn from the youth (some are so wise beyond their years!) and it’s so cool to see them grow up into strong men and women of God! I’m originally from Seattle and have lived in pretty much every corner of the contiguous United States: Seattle (Pacific Northwest), Phoenix (Southwest), Boston (Northeast), and now Atlanta (Southeast). I love the great outdoors, traveling, exercising (anyone want to take a barre class with me?), trying and learning new things.

Yvonne Wang

Youth Counselor


I am currently working as a Financial Analyst at Layer 3 Communications, LLC in Norcross, GA. I was born and raised in Taiwan. My family moved to Atlanta when I was in high school. I have a younger brother who is currently in high school. He is one of the reasons that I am serving in EACF Youth Ministry. My dream right now is to live next to a bubble tea joint.

Why do I serve in youth ministry? When I was living in Taiwan, I went to our church youth group every week.  It was like my second home. God gave me a big loving family who encouraged me and supported me through all my ups and downs. Having a group of friends to grow up with and learn about God was the most wonderful thing to me. Youth group had a huge impact in my spiritual life at a young age.  When I first moved to Atlanta, I had no friends. I then realized how much I missed my old youth group. I then realized how important it is to have a group of friends to be there for me and share my spiritual journey. Therefore, I wish all the youths to have a place to go where they grow in Christ, where they call home, and cherish each other. It has been such an honor to serve with the youths for the past two years. I pray that God will continue to use us to make our youth group a loving and welcoming home.

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