Missions Education

Recommended Courses
Gain knowledge about what God is doing is this area from experts specializing in this field. Please contact us if you have a desire to participate; church attendees may be eligible for partial support.


Perspectives on the World Christian Movement
Seminary level, semester-long series class that meets once per week, held in the local metro Atlanta area at various locations. Get answers to questions such as:

· Besides being a commandment to all Christians, why is it so important to share the gospel anyway?
· Has God been doing anything at all to further this goal?
· If I am not called by God to serve as a missionary, does that mean I have no role to play in this area?

Understanding what Scripture has to say about these questions and more, and your place in God’s Great Commission!


Evangelism Explosion
Learn how to effectively present God’s truths that you have learned in ways relevant to your audience. Check out the link above to find out the closest locations and times to attend.