EACF adult ministries include Sunday worship services, Community Groups, and Discipleship Groups. God blesses us to gather with one another on Sundays for worship and fellowship, but we are also blessed when we gather at other times throughout the week to share, pray, serve, and study God's Word together. Along with each person's personal devotional, prayer, and worship times, these corporate gatherings allow us to experience God working through each of us to bless and support one another.

Community Groups meet 2-3 times monthly with about 8-15 people joining in for Bible study, sharing and prayer, and various other activities. After Sunday worship services, Community Groups provide the opportunity to get to the next level of meeting and getting to know one another. The list of groups is below; contact for more information about the demographics and schedule.

Discipleship Groups are smaller, high-commitment groups that meet 2-4 times monthly for study, sharing, prayer, accountability, and equipping. Because the groups are smaller, there are more opportunities to get deeper in personal sharing and peer counseling as we seek to grow in intimacy with God. These groups usually meet for two years, with the intention of splitting to multiply the number of groups. To learn more about discipleship groups, contact Pastor David Lee.


EACF Community Group

Friday Night Owls (Fridays @ 8:00pm)

  at church of member's home
  Contact: David Yang (davidmyang@yahoo.com)

Early Birds (Saturdays @ 10:00am)
  at members' homes (contact for childcare)

  Contact: Alex Shane (xander1173@gmail.com)

Sundae M’eating (Sundays @ 4:30pm)
  at members' homes (contact for childcare)

  Contact: Helen Chow (hlnchow4@gmail.com)

Eagles' Wings (Saturdays @ 3:00pm)

  at members' homes (childcare provided)

  Contact: Sophie Nguyen (n.thanhphi@yahoo.com)

College Group (Saturday evenings)

  at member's home

  Contact: Yvonne Wang (yvonne820504@gmail.com)