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Christmastime Blessings 2020

While this year has been historically difficult - from politics to the pandemic, social and justice issues, wildfires and hurricanes, etc. - Christmastime has still come, as it does every year. This is a reminder that life goes on, and the God who sustains us and helps us through times of difficulty also demonstrated His love for humanity by entering into this world and all its troubles.

This Good News, or Gospel, is the heart of what we believe as Christians. God, who created the universe and everything in it, gave us free will, and humanity tried to do things independent of God, breaking His Law and the relationship with Him. Things got worse from there. But God never stopped caring for or providing for humanity. And after letting us see how things get worse without God, God took on the form of humanity by coming in the form of a baby boy. Jesus grew, ministered to people, taught them to turn back to God, and showed His disciples how to spread this Good News. Then He died on the cross, but resurrected to show His power over our sin and its curse (death), and returned to heaven. But He sent the Holy Spirit to work through His people (the church), to continue to tell others that we can come back to God.

Our Christian faith is about experiencing God's ongoing blessed presence with us everyday, growing to know His love, give Him praise, and share His love with others. Anyone can become a Christian by turning back to God, surrendering our broken lives to Him, and receiving His grace and His Spirit. If you'd like to learn more about becoming a Christian, or about our church, please email Pastor David Lee at Merry Christmas and God bless you!